What Is The Driest Red Wine? | A Professional Guide

Red wine is considered “dry” since it is not sweet and contains no residual sugar. The wine is said to be dry when the yeast completely consumes all of the glucose in the grapes during fermentation. Dry red wines are often chosen by wine lovers because they go well with a range of foods and provide a nice sipping experience.

In this article, we’ll introduce the most common types of dry red wine while answering the question “What is the driest red wine?“. Follow our guide to choosing the right dry red wine bottle for you. 

1. About Dry Red Wines 

Typically, when a wine is described as dry, it only indicates that it isn’t sweet. “Dry wine” relates to the wine’s ingredients. 

About Dry Red Wines 
Dry wine relates to the wine’s ingredients. (source: Internet)

Dry wines technically contain no residual sugar because, throughout fermentation, all of the sugar found in the grapes undergoes conversion into alcohol. By ending fermentation early and retaining part of the sugar in the wine, sweet wines will be produced. 

Some red wines, even those that have no residual sugars, leave the palate feeling more puckeringly dry than others. Tannins, a particular type of compound included in the grapes, are responsible for this experience. As a result, when wine lovers seek the driest red wines, they frequently look for bottles with high tannins and no residual sugars.

2. What Is The Driest Red Wine? 

Two individuals may taste quite distinct flavors in the same wine due to their preferences. Additionally, there may be plenty of variation within the same varietal since the dryness of a certain wine is affected by the fermentation process carried out by the winemaker.

In general, Cabernet Sauvignon is ranked the 1st among the driest red wines. There is no sugar residual in this wine. It also has a lot of tannins and is frequently strong and full-bodied. Merlot, the smooth, fruity dry wine, is runner-up while the simple red Pinot Noir places third-driest. 

What Is The Driest Red Wine?
What Is The Driest Red Wine? (Source: internet)

On the other hand, many wine enthusiasts think that Merlot may be the driest red wine. Merlot also contains minimal sugar residue and lots of tannins. 

In short, which red wine is the driest largely depends on your preferences. So start drinking and find out what you enjoy best!

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3. Types of Dry Red Wine

Pinot Noir 

Pinot Noir 
Pinot Noir is known for its complex flavor with delicate fruity notes. (Source: Internet)

The taste profile includes raspberry, cherry, and mushrooms.

Although they may be produced around the world, Pinot Noir grapes do flourish in cooler climates. Lamb, seafood, and dark poultry meals go nicely with Pinot Noir.


Another popular dry red wine is Merlot. (Source: Internet)

These tannin-rich merlot grapes are used to make this wine. 

Blackberry, cherry, bramble, and plum are some of the tastes of merlot, while other versions of the wine have also been found to feature undertones of cloves and vanilla. Merlot pairs well with beef steak, but it also goes well with hearty vegetarian dishes.



Despite being French in origin, Malbec grapes have become popular in Argentina and have been extensively utilized in this country’s winemaking. 

Malbec is a full-bodied wine with powerful, spicy notes of tobacco and chocolate. For those who like pizza with wine, this bold, dry red wine is an excellent choice.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon
One of the most favored dry red wines in the world is Cabernet Sauvignon.  (Source: Internet)

This wine often tastes fruity, reminiscent of fruits including blackberry, cherry, and blackcurrant. The tannin content of Cabernet Sauvignon is the highest among dry red wines. It complements rich meals and red meat in particular.


Mainly produced in Spain, the black grape variety used to make Tempranillo is known for its intense taste. 

The rich flavors of fig, cherry, and smoke may be found in this wine. Tempranillo works best with lamb, roasted chicken, and beef.


Syrah is renowned for being a full-bodied wine, having an appealing fruit flavor and dark color, and having a high level of antioxidants.

This wine is delicious and flavorful, with notes of vanilla and flowers and light acidity. Syrah pairs well with steak dishes. 

4. Why Are Dry Red Wines So Popular?

This is due to several factors, all of which are related to the taste sensation that wines provide. 

To begin with, the flavor of dry red wine is so interesting and goes well with a variety of dishes, particularly those that are robust.

Dry red wines are excellent for cooking because of their intense taste since they add a sensuous richness that may overpower the fat content of many foods.

And lastly, the appearance of a deep red wine might influence how we enjoy a meal. The beautiful red color of the wine impresses us and makes us eat more appetizingly. 

5. How To Serve The Driest Red Wines

Serve dry red wine at a somewhat lower temperature. Usually from 16 to 18 °C (61 to 65 °F).

Let the dry red wines “breathe” and also help enhance the taste by decanting them.

Use a big bowl to serve the dry red wine so that it may breathe and unleash all of its flavors.

Be careful to combine the red wine with any food. Generally, meaty dishes like steak, roasted chicken, and lamb go well with dry red wines.

6. How To Store The Driest Red Wines

Your wine will always stay in good condition and be at its best to enjoy if it is stored properly. 

Store the dry red wine somewhere cold and dark. The wine should be stored between 45 and 65 °F (7 and 8°C), which will prevent oxidation while keeping the wine as tasty as possible.

Buying a wine rack to store whichever red wines you have for horizontal preservation

Finally, you might consider purchasing a wine cooler. A reliable wine fridge can help keep your wine at its best.

7. Tips on Selecting The Right Bottle Of Dry Red Wines

Asking a salesperson for assistance in selecting an extremely dry bottle is the best approach to locating one that meets your tastes when buying wine in a shop. 

Before going shopping, you should also think about downloading a wine app. Check for an app that enables you to detect bottles in the shop to receive more details before purchasing or that offers specific suggestions.

8. FAQs 

Q: Which is drier, Cabernet or Merlot?

Both wines are dry due to low or no sugar content, but Merlot offers fewer tannins, giving it the sensation of being sweeter and a smoother texture. Since Cabernet Sauvignon contains a higher tannin level than Merlot, it’s drier. 

Q: Which is drier, Pinot or Cabernet?

Both wines are easy-drinking dry red wines with a smooth texture and rich fruity flavors with very little residual sugar. However, Cabernet Sauvignon is drier because it has more tannins and is bolder than Pinot Noir. 

Q: Is Shiraz a dry wine?

Shiraz (Syrah) is typically produced in dry styles; however, certain entry-level Shiraz blends may include a small amount of residual sugar.

Q: Is red wine or white wine drier?

Red wine is usually richer in flavors and contains higher levels of tannins than white wine, so it is also drier. 

Q: What brand of dry red wine is most popular?

Cabernet Sauvignon is the most consumed dry red wine in the world. Also, Pinot Noir and Merlot are great options. 

Q: Which red wine is easiest to drink?

Consider Merlot, Pinot Noir, or Grenache. They will assist you in enjoying the key flavors of red wine. 

Q: Are red wines always dry?

Most red wines are dry. However, depending on the winemaker, certain kinds are still produced in the “sweet” style.

Q: What is full-bodied, dry red wine? 

Full-bodied red wines are those that have an alcohol content above 13.5%. Richer in texture and have more nuanced tastes are full-bodied wines.

9. Conclusion

In conclusion, we have answered the question “What is the driest red wine?”, as well as given a comprehensive guide on the different types of dry red wine. If you’re looking for an excellent dry red wine, start with some of our suggestions above.

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