How to Clean a YETI Cooler? 7+ Pro Tips from Travel Experts

Packing for a trip is more enjoyable than cleaning your gear once your trip is over. Especially when your YETI is messy and needs a deep cleaning. Don’t you agree?

So how to clean a Yeti cooler? Although these tough coolers are designed to last longer than conventional options, regular cleaning, and maintenance are essential for keeping them in tip-top shape.

In this blog post, we will show you how to clean your YETI cooler like a pro! Check it out now!

What do you need to prepare to clean your YETI cooler?

You might need one item or all the things listed below. It will depend on how dirty your YETI cooler is; or whether it has stains.

How to clean a yeti cooler
To clean a Yeti cooler, you need to prepare some items such as a non-abrasive sponge, dish soap, power washer, bleach, and Magic Eraser. (Source: Internet)

These cleaning items can also be found in your home with ease.

  • Non-abrasive sponge
  • Dish soap
  • Power washer
  • Bleach
  • Magic Eraser

How to Clean a YETI Cooler and Remove Tough Stains and Funky Odors Like a Pro?

If you have the right tools, cleaning a YETI cooler is a simple and fast process. The level of dirtiness can differ based on usage, such as if there is some dirt on the exterior and a slight odor inside after a camping trip, versus holding a quartered deer overnight which would require a more thorough cleaning.

So we made this guide with different levels of grim that you may come across while cleaning your YETI cooler.

how to clean a yeti cooler like a pro
If you have the right tools, cleaning a YETI cooler is a simple and fast process. (Source: Internet)

Level 1: Just use warm water, dish soap, and non-abrasive sponges

This method works well for these YETI coolers that are only slightly dirty and don’t have any scratches that get discolored.

To clean your YETI cooler, treat it like a large pot that requires cleaning after dinner. Use some dish soap and warm water to wash both the inside and outside of the cooler. You can clean it in a bathtub or use an outdoor hose. Use a non-abrasive sponge for cleaning.

Using steel wool or any other abrasive rags should be avoided as it can scratch your cooler. Although using steel wool or any abrasive substance may make your YETI cooler look cleaner initially, the scratched surface can accumulate more dirt and grime over time.

clean yeti cooler
To clean your YETI cooler, treat it like a large pot that requires cleaning after dinner. (Source: Internet)

Note: If you only stored ice and sealed cans of beer in the cooler, there is no need to wash it out. However, if you previously stored raw meat or fish in the cooler and it still smells, this method may not be effective enough.

Level 2: Mix bleach with water at a 6:1 ratio, then soak your Cooler

If your YETI still has a bad odor even after washing it twice with soap and water, then you may need to use bleach to get rid of the funky smell.

Mix six parts water with one part bleach. It’s not necessary to be extremely exact with measurements, but be careful not to use an excessive amount of bleach as it can result in a strong bleach odor.

To eliminate any unpleasant odors inside your YETI, let the mixture of bleach and water stay in for an hour or longer. Afterward, empty it out and rinse your cooler.

Level 3: Clean with a power washer

If your Yeti cooler is really dirty, you may need to use a power washer. For this method, you need to be extra careful as the pressure and heat from the power washers can damage the insulation inside its walls.

Therefore, before using it, make sure to read and follow all instructions in the product manual properly. Keep the nozzle at least 12 inches away from your YETI cooler while cleaning.

Finally, after cleaning with a power washer, rinse off the cleaner with water and let it air dry before storing it away.

use pressure washer to clean a YETI cooler
You can use a pressure washer to clean a YETI cooler. (Source: Internet)

Pro tips: Adjust your pressure washer to around 75% of its maximum capacity and start using it to remove stains and dirt from your YETI. Don’t worry about damaging the plastic as the water pressure won’t be strong enough to do so.

Keep in mind that even though the pressure washer can remove stains, it won’t eliminate smells. Thus, you should consider soaking the YETI in bleach as suggested in level 2.

Level 4: Use a Magic Eraser

This method is effective on all YETI coolers, but it is particularly effective on white YETI coolers.

To remove stains and marks that regular soap, water, and bleach can’t handle, simply use a standard Magic Eraser. Rub the eraser over the affected area and watch the stains disappear in amazement. The composition of the Magic Eraser is truly remarkable.

Although Magic Erasers are not useful for eliminating odors, they are the most effective way to remove stubborn stains from your YETI cooler.

Make Sure You Leave It To Dry

After cleaning your cooler, it is important to let it dry. You can leave it standing up with the lid open, or alternatively, like me, you can turn it upside down with the lid open so that the water can drain out.

This also prevents the cooler from getting filled with rainwater and molding again if accidentally left outside for too long.

The sunlight is also effective in removing odors.

Other ways to your YETI Cooler

Here are some other ways to help you clean your YETI Cooler with ease.

Use a Mixture of Vinegar and Bicarb Soda

Using a mixture of vinegar and bicarb soda is another effective way to clean your YETI cooler.

Mix equal parts of each and scrub it onto the surface with a brush or cloth. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it with water.

This method can be used on both the inside and outside of the cooler, and it’s particularly helpful if you want to remove tough stains and odors from your YETI.

Use Vinegar and Bicarb Soda to clean a YETI cooler
Using a mixture of vinegar and bicarb soda is another effective way to clean your YETI cooler. (Source: Internet)

Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has many uses, including cleaning Yeti coolers! It can help get rid of mold, mildew, bacteria, and even odors.

Simply mix 5 drops of tea tree oil in two cups of water. Use this mixture to wipe down the exterior and interior of the cooler. This will help remove any lingering odors, as well as prevent mold from forming in the future.

Baking soda and water

To remove tough stains or dirt from your Yeti cooler, you can use a mixture of baking soda and water.

Combine equal parts of baking soda and water in a bowl, and use a cloth to wipe down the cooler with the solution. Afterward, make sure to thoroughly rinse the cooler with clean water.

This method is particularly effective for removing tough stains, and it can help remove any lingering odors as well.

Preventing stains and dirt from getting on your YETI

If you want to keep your cooler stay clean, consider using a garbage bag or liner before placing your food and drinks inside. This simple step can prevent stains and dirt from accumulating in the cooler.

Additionally, make sure to wipe down the cooler before and after each use to remove any dirt or debris.

The best way to clean in a YETI cooler from my experience

I usually clean my YETI for most of my trips by using soap and water. The process is quite simple and takes only three minutes. Additionally, I do not require any specific equipment to do so.

If I went fishing with my YETI and it smells bad inside now. I just used bleach and let it soak for a few hours, and now it’s all good.

If my YETI is very dirty, stained, or has a beat-up appearance, I often clean it up by using a pressure washer. This way gives an excellent result after I did a few rounds of cleaning.

I’ve observed people take a YETI that was almost completely covered in dirt and clay, and within five minutes, make it appear as good as new.

And if you don’t own a pressure washer, you can still clean your YETI by using soap and water. To remove any stains, use a Magic Eraser as it works effectively and makes even the dirtiest YETI appear like a brand new one.

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What is the best way to remove mold from a Yeti cooler?

To keep your cooler free of mold, you can follow these simple steps that are similar to how you prevent mold in your food or home.

First, rinse the inside with a hose. Then, use a mixture of dish soap, baking soda, and warm water to clean it.

Rinse out all the soap using the hose. If you spot any mold, create a mixture of warm water and bleach to clean it.

Leave the mixture for 10 minutes and rinse with the hose again. Rinse the cooler once more with the hose and repeat if needed.

What is the process for removing the mildew odor from a Yeti cooler?

We will use a combination of soap with water in a ratio of 1 to 5 in a spray bottle. Then, we’ll spray the mixture all over the inside of the cooler and let it sit with the lid closed for a day or so.

Next, we’ll rinse the inside of the cooler with a water hose and let it dry naturally.

How to remove scuff marks from a YETI cooler?

Unfortunately, there is no way to repair the scuff marks on your YETI. However, you can address the discoloration by using a Magic Eraser.

While this will make the scuff marks appear new, it’s important to note that this area may be one of the first to discolor again during future use of your YETI.

What should I use to clean the inside of my YETI?

To clean the inside of your YETI, you should use soap, water, and a sponge. If there is a lingering smell, you can use a mixture of water and bleach, with a ratio of 6 parts water to 1 part bleach. Allow your YETI to soak in the solution for a few hours. This will eliminate any unpleasant odors and ensure your YETI is safe to use again.

How to replace the latches on a YETI cooler?

YETI coolers may experience latch damage with frequent use, but replacement latches are available from the manufacturer and are easy to install.

Is it possible to paint a YETI cooler?

If you’re unhappy with the color of your YETI cooler, you can repaint it. This involves filling any dings or dents with spackle, sanding the cooler down, and then painting it with your desired color.

Is it safe to use bleach to clean a YETI cooler?

Yes, it is safe and effective to use bleach on all YETI products. However, please ensure that the bleach is heavily diluted and the product is rinsed thoroughly after use.

What is the best way to remove odor from a YETI Rambler?

The best and quickest way to clean a YETI rambler is to fill it with hot water, add a few drops of detergent, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Once it has sat, rinse it out and thoroughly dry it.

Does YETI offer a lifetime warranty?

YETI provides a lifetime warranty on all of its products, which is particularly helpful because most of its products are costly. In case you encounter any issues with your YETI product, contact their customer service team.

What is the best cleaning solution for coolers?

The best cleaning solution for coolers is a mixture of dish soap, warm water, and baking soda. This simple concoction will effectively remove dirt and grime from the cooler without compromising its durability.

Additionally, this solution can be used both inside and outside of the cooler to ensure it looks brand new.

How do you clean a stainless steel cooler?

Stainless steel coolers are easy to clean and maintain. For basic maintenance, simply wipe the cooler down with a soft cloth soaked in warm water and soap.

To deep-clean the cooler, apply a stainless steel cleaner that is specifically designed for use on stainless steel surfaces.

Additionally, avoid using abrasive materials when cleaning so as to not damage the finish of the cooler.

Can you put ice directly into YETI coolers?

Yes, it is safe to put ice directly into YETI coolers without damaging them. Fill up your cooler with ice until it’s about two-thirds full and add your food items on top. Doing this will ensure that your food remains cold for longer periods of time.

Additionally, it is also recommended to pre-chill the YETI cooler before adding ice and food items for optimal performance.

Is it easy for White YETI coolers to get dirty?

White YETI coolers are more prone to showing dirt and grime, however, they are relatively easy to clean. If you possess a power washer, it can make the cleaning process even simpler.

Alternatively, you can also use a Magic Eraser to effectively clean your White YETI and make it look brand new.

Final Words

Taking good care of your Yeti cooler is essential for ensuring that it lasts a lifetime. Whether you spot-clean your Yeti every time before and after use or take it out on its own cleaning adventure, the important thing is to make sure you are regularly maintaining your cooler.

This will guarantee that when it comes time for a family ice cream outing or camping trip, you can rely on having the best possible thermal performance from your Yeti cooler.

We hope this post on “how to clean a YETI cooler” can be helpful for you and give you a proper look after your coolers and get the most out of them for years to come.

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