Top 7 Best 20 Quart Coolers That You Can’t Miss It

When looking at the appearance of the best 20-quart coolers, you may not believe it has such a great cooling function. Although small, its formed structure is quite solid and gives you great experiences. Come to the top 7 best 20 quart coolers for more choices.

7 Best 20-Quart Coolers – Quick Comparison

Best 20 Quart Coolers Price Capacity Functions Rate
RTIC Hard Cooler Insulated Portable  $179.99 24 cans
  • 3-inches of insulation
  • Long-lasting ice retention
  • Multiple uses
Coleman Xtreme Portable Cooler Quart $79.19 100 Cans
  • Xtreme technology
  • High capacity
  • Have-a-seat lid
  • Comfort-grip handles


EchoSmile Rotomolded Openers Fishing Lockable $149.99
  • Solid rotary mold ice
  • Use LLDPE material Sturdy & anti-resistant
  • Inside(food grade) and outside(UV resistance)
Arctic Zone Premium Microban Protection $175.00 30 cans
  • Titan deep free hard ice chest cooler
  • Microban antimicrobial protection
AmazonCommercial Molded Cooler Quart White $125.70


23 cans
  • Roto-molded ice cooler
  • A lock-in-place ergonomic steel handle
  • Commercial-grade 360° D-seal 15mm gasket
Pelican Elite Quart Cooler Green $189.81


15 cans or 3 wine bottles
  • Overmolded carry handle
  • 3 inch locking latches
  • Reinforced lockable hasp
  • Stainless steel bottle opener
  • Anti-shear hinge system Molded-in tie-down slots
Igloo BMX Quart Cooler Carbonite $99.99 23 Liters
  • Heavy duty blow-molded construction with reinforced base
  • Cool Riser Technology molded
  • UV inhibitors

Top 7 best 20 quart coolers

1. Best overall: RTIC Hard Cooler Insulated Portable


The Hard Cooler Insulated Portable Ice is derived from the rather well known RTIC brand in this chiller line. It is considered a very popular product if anyone organizes outdoor activities and needs this help to cool down after a lot of activity.

It’s ideal if you need your drink to be cooler than ever as it can hold up to 24 cans, measures 21.26 x 14.25 x 15.94 inches and weighs 19 Pounds.

Features product

  • There are two reliable rubber locks. 
  • The durable roto-molded design 
  • It is made with durability, long-lasting ice retention, and impact resistance in mind.
  • This insulated cooler is built for harsh conditions, with up to 3 inches of closed-cell foam insulation.
  • It is the ideal ice cooler, beverage cooler, travel cooler, beer cooler, can cooler, cooler for camping, cooler for the beach, cooler for a boat, cooler for a BBQ.


  • Sturdy steel handle, easy to grip
  • Carrying is simple and comfy
  • With the integrated bolting frames, the food is well protected.
  • Produce a variety of colors


  • The price is a bit high.


Q: What makes this one ($222) different from the identical one ($134 + free delivery) on rtic’s website?

A: We would do that as we recently paid $134 + free shipping for the same cooler on the RTIC website.

Q: What country produced this cooler?

A: Coolers are produced in China.

2. Best budget: Coleman Xtreme Portable Cooler Quart


Xtreme Portable Quart Cooler belongs to the famous Coleman brand, has a characteristic color of black and high-quality plastic material. With dimensions of 28.25 x 15.75 x 18.25 inches and a weight of 12.3 Pounds, it is quite easy to carry and put in the trunk. Insulated and comes with a cooler for up to several hours.

Best 20 Quart Coolers
Xtreme Portable Quart Cooler belongs to the famous Coleman brand, has a characteristic color of black and high-quality plastic material. (Source: Internet)

Features product

  • Thanks to Xtreme Technology’s insulated top and extra wall insulation, ice may be maintained for up to 5 days at hot temperatures. 
  • has a large capacity and can carry up to 100 cans.
  • The locking lid of this cooler can withstand up to 250 lbs.
  • Plus there’s a bottle and cup holder that keeps contents sealed and prevents spills. Smoother surfaces are easier to clean, and leak-proof drains allow for tilt-free drainage.


  • Easy to clean, convenient for cleaning
  • Capable of cooling within 4 days
  • Affordable price, not too expensive
  • Easy to place in any position and carry away
  • Just the right size and nice color


  • No inner straps to prevent the lid from being easily opened


Q: How many beers does Coleman hold?

A: Coleman themselves, in the product description of the 120 Quart on their website, claim: “Large enough to hold 204 cans.”

Q: Does anyone have the internal dimensions? Can I fit something 15″ tall inside with the lid closed?

A: No – it’s 12″ tall – 12″ wide – and just under 25″ length on the inside with the lid closed.

Q: What are the external measurements at base?

A: Here is more information about the product:

  • Internal Dimensions : 24.1 x 12.0 x 13.0
  • External Dimensions : 28.4 x 15.8 x 17.5
  • Weight (lbs) : 13.4 

3. Best for camping: EchoSmile Rotomolded Openers Fishing Lockable


The Rotomolded Openers Fishing Lockable Quart Cooler comes from the Echo Smile brand with a single color of tan and the material is Polyurethane. Additional attachments such as bottles and cups can be installed for easy placement and spill prevention.

Best 20 Quart Coolers
The Rotomolded Openers Fishing Lockable Quart Cooler comes from the Echo Smile brand with a single color of tan and the material is Polyurethane. (Source: Internet)

In addition with dimensions of 23 x 14 x 15 inches and a weight of 17.62 Pounds, it is considered quite heavy but can fit inside the car to carry.

Features product

  • The ice storage capacity and proportions have been divided according to the recommendations for the inside and especially can be kept refrigerated for up to 5 days. Polyurethane is used as the intermediate insulation layer to give better insulativity and high strength.
  • LLDPE is known as one of the components that make up this cooler, which is sturdy, wear-resistant and suitable for use around food both inside and out. 
  • They have traditional surface color and natural gloss (UV resistant).


  • Suitable size for activities such as camping, picnic, ..
  • Has the ability to keep ice for a long time, can be up to 1 week
  • Has a fairly large volume and good insulation
  • Bringing good quality for the price range


  • The cooler does not come with a drain plug


Q: Is it okay to use dry ice in this cooler?

A: Yes, the cooler is compatible with dry ice.

Q: Is a food tray or basket available to buy for this cooler?

A: We didn’t purchase a basket or tray when we bought the 25 qt.

4. Best value: Arctic Zone Premium Microban Protection


Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler has a very special and outstanding blue color. From the brand Arctic Zone. Thanks to the high-grade polyurethane insulation, this refrigerator also has built-in Microban protection, which helps prevent the accumulation of odor-causing bacteria and stains.

Best 20 Quart Coolers
Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler has a very special and outstanding blue color. (Source: Internet)

Its dimensions are 22.05 x 14.77 x 13.98 inches and the weight is 13.9 Pounds which is quite easy to carry.

Features product

  • The cooler features a monolithic molded rotor design and substantial polyurethane insulation to keep ice cold for days
  • A capacity of up to 20 cans
  • This bear-proof cooler is approved to keep bears out for longer while keeping your lunches and drinks cold and dry
  • By pressing those T-bolts, its freezer rubber gasket keeps the contents as cold as possible while still being easy to open. 


  • Design of sturdy, durable components
  • Has a firm and comfortable handle
  • Has the ability to clean stains quickly and effectively
  • It has bear resistant certification.


  • It’s a bit heavy to carry around


Q: According to this, the cold will last up to 8 days. Can someone tell me how much they will actually receive in days from these?

A: We neglected to remove some items from our ice chest. In California, 3 weeks and 2 days later, our goods were still chilled. Although not quite freezing, it is chilly!

Q: What brand, size, and number of ice packs do you use if you buy or use them? Have you acquired, do you suggest, etc.?

A: We cut the tops off two-liter plastic coke bottles, filled them with water, and froze them. We mention that we frequently add 10 pounds of commercially frozen block ice. Just a regular working guy uses it every day in the cooler; if you’re using it on the weekend, you could be okay.

Q: What is the 20 Qt cooler’s empty weight?

A: When empty, the 20qt Titan Deep Freeze Roto Cooler weighs slightly less than 14 lbs. 

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5. Best performance: AmazonCommercial Molded Cooler Quart White


The AmazonCommercial revolving cooler comes in various capacities with a capacity of 20qt and is also a product of AmazonCommercial itself. It has 2 main colors, white and brown. This amazing box can hold up to 23 cans and also keeps the water at the right temperature, thanks to its sturdy roto-molded construction and professional insulation.

Best 20 Quart Coolers
The AmazonCommercial revolving cooler comes in various capacities with a capacity of 20qt and is also a product of AmazonCommercial itself. (Source: Internet)

Features product

  • Roto-molded ice coolers offer exceptional ice retention for 3-5 days or more (if pre-cooled or stored at low temperatures or UV index).
  • Roto-molding manufacturing technology is more effective than conventional coolers in terms of durability
  • 3 inch thick, commercial-grade insulation
  •  all-around UV protection shell
  • Molded tie-down slats and an ergonomic steel handle with a lock-in-place for simple, safe travel
  • The recessed zero-leak drain stop and commercial-grade 360° D-seal 15mm gasket efficiently trap cold air.
  • Low-profile snag-free TPE T-clasp latches, non-skid feet, and dual integrated stainless steel lock-plate bottle openers for dependable, secure closing
  • 20 quart/18.9-liter capacity
  • Holds up to (23) 12-ounce cans without ice
  • Interior measurements are 14.4 (L) x 8.1 (W) x 10.4 (H)
  • Empty weight is 16.7 pounds.


  • The shell has a good anti-ultraviolet function
  • With steel handles, sturdy and durable
  • T-clasp latches provide a nice, secure closure.
  • Affordable price, good quality
  • Can be used with dry ice


  • Can be a bit heavy when holding hands for too long


Q: What are the 75 qt cooler’s inside measurements?

A: We provided this as a gift, but if it’s not listed, contact Amazon, who also happens to be the creator, if you’re interested. Good luck! We remember it being really spacious but can’t be more particular. 

Q: What stores have replacement drain plugs? I’m having trouble locating the precise ones anyplace.

A: We have no idea where to find it. You might try using a boat plug. In order to remove any built-up water, boats feature a rear entrance with a corresponding stopper.

6. Best portable: Pelican Elite Quart Cooler Green


20 Quart Elite Cooler from Pelican brand has 2 main colors: gray and green. With Blend material and eye-catching design, especially with a quite suitable size of 18.8 x 12.6 x 17.7 inches and light weight with only 10 Pounds. It deserves to be a good companion in your travels.

Best 20 Quart Coolers
20 Quart Elite Cooler from Pelican brand has 2 main colors: gray and green. (Source: Internet)

Features product

  • 20 quart internal volume; holds three wine bottles or 15 cans
  • Extreme ice retention is provided by two inches of polyurethane insulation and a 360-degree freezer-grade gasket.
  • Molded-in tie-down slots, strengthened lockable hasp, stainless steel bottle opener, overmolded carry handle, 3 inch locking latches, and anti-shear hinge system
  • 4 cup holders that drain themselves, non-skid rubber feet


  • Longer ice storage than other models
  • Waterproof, resistant to harsh environments
  • Has an eye-catching and durable design
  • Just the right size and light to move


  • The price is quite high compared to the low segment


Q: Where is Pelican Elite 20’s drain plug?

A: There is no drain plug on the 20 quart container.

Q: Is this the more recent tall model or the earlier short model?

A: The cooler measures 20.6 x 15.4 x 15. 08/16/2017: The taller model is no longer available.

Q: What are the inside dimensions of the cooler?

A: The 20 quart versions’ interior measurements are 12.00″ X 6.70″ X 14.10″.

7. Best for picnic: Igloo BMX Quart Cooler Carbonite


BMX Quart Cooler Carbonite sourced from the manufacturer Igloo, with a variety of easy-to-clean colors such as gray, blue, carb. With a weight of 10.34 pounds and a capacity of 23 liters, it is also considered lighter than other products on the market that the capacity is quite good.

Best 20 Quart Coolers
BMX Quart Cooler Carbonite sourced from the manufacturer Igloo, with a variety of easy-to-clean colors such as gray, blue, carb. (Source: Internet)

If you don’t know if it will fit your car or not, here it is 19.59 x 13.25 x 15.7 inches and the internal components are also highly insulated and durable.

Features product

  • It will include a reinforced sole and heavy-duty blow-molded construction for added durability and safety.
  • Proven 4-5 day ice retention and it is extremely durable yet lightweight. 
  • The lid is secured with rubberized T-clamps and advanced cooling and ice retention for up to 4 days is provided by the 20% thicker foam of the MaxCold body and the insulated lid. 
  • For a longer machine life, UV inhibitors are created to protect the cooler from sun damage. Along with that, longer performance is provided with stainless steel hinged bars and rust-resistant hardware.
  • The cooler’s cooling performance is enhanced by the Cool Riser Technology molded base, which lifts the cooler off hot surfaces.
  • Easy to carry with one hand with a comfortable grip. Built-in fastening loops to secure the cooler during travel.


  • Produce many models and colors
  • Capable of keeping cold up to 4 days
  • Reasonable price, affordable
  • Highly durable and extremely sturdy
  • Inner parts made of stainless steel, ensure safety


  • Quite heavy weight to carry on long trip


Q: What internal dimensions are there?

A: The two options are both incorrect. Sincerely, we have no idea where inaccurate information comes from. In actuality, the manufacturer’s website has the exact measurements. As follows:

  • Interior Dimensions: Top measures 15.07″ x 8.56″ x 11.66″ (L x W x H).
  • 14.48″ x 7.97″ x 11.66″ at the bottom.

It does really have a tapering inside from top to bottom, or bottom to top if you choose. 

Q: Is the lid insulated or hollow?

A: It is insulated. It has a concave shape to the top of the lid.

Cooler Types, Sizes, and Brands

Anyone’s head would spin trying to weigh cooler kinds, sizes, brands, and pricing while purchasing a 20-quart cooler. So, here are some important factors to think about when you buy.

1. Hard Cooler vs Soft Cooler

You must choose between a hard-sided model and a soft-sided model when you look for your camping cooler. However, it’s hard to determine with absolute certainty which cooler type is superior in every circumstance. 

Instead, each style of camping cooler has pros and cons when it comes to real-world functioning.

Particularly in terms of insulation and toughness, hard coolers often perform better. However, compared to their soft-sided equivalents, they are frequently heavier and more costly. 

Best 20 Quart Coolers
You must choose between a hard-sided model and a soft-sided model when you look for your camping cooler. (Source: Internet)

As a result, a hard cooler is a definite option if optimum ice retention is your aim. Otherwise, people who desire a cheap and portable food storage solution for shorter camping excursions prefer to favor soft-sided coolers.

2. Which Brands Should You Buy a Cooler From?

Because a camping cooler is a significant purchase, you must have confidence in the company selling it.

Best 20 Quart Coolers
Here are some popular brand which is high voted by customer. (Source: Internet)

While all of the coolers on our list come from reliable manufacturers, the following businesses are particularly well-known for their focus on quality and long-lasting design:

  • Yeti 
  • Igloo Coolers
  • Grizzly Coolers
  • Orca Coolers
  • Pelican
  • RTIC

3. Which Cooler Size Is Best for You?

Choosing the appropriate size model for you while cooler buying is arguably the most challenging task. 

Since most people don’t naturally consider in terms of quarts, it’s frequently simpler to comprehend a cooler’s capacity in terms of the quantity of typical 12oz (354mL) cans it can store. 

The carrying capacity you may anticipate from the most popular cooler sizes on the market is roughly estimated as follows:

  • 20 qt: 15 to 30 cans
  • 25 qt: 20 to 40 cans
  • 30 qt: 40 to 60 cans
  • 45 qt: 60 to 80 cans
  • 60 qt: 80 to 100 cans 

 Best 20 Quart Coolers: Buying guide

1. Size

The size you choose should be determined by your intended use, the size of the activity you want to organize, and the amount of time you need to keep things cool. For a day trip, a moderately soft-sided or hard-shell cooler will do, but more gear is needed for longer excursions.

You should also consider how many cans it will hold, and whether it will be enough for the trip if it is crowded. Consider choosing a suitable cooler because if you choose a cooler that is too large, it will both take up space and make your drinks cool. This is something no one wants in their travels.

2. Durability

For any equipment you own, including these coolers, it’s important to know how long your investment will last over its lifetime. Although the labels don’t say how long it will last, our customer reviews as well as our tests have used it to see how well they stand up to the pressures placed on them. 

Tests include tightening the handles and latches, lengthening the hinges, jumping on the lids, and dropping finished chests from a carry height. The challenges they face are very common to see if the time they endure is better than advertised.

3. Ice life

An essential item for outdoor activities is a cooler. Even if left in the sun for a long time, it can still keep your drink cool and safe.

The type of insulation, as well as other factors such as rotary molded construction, high feet to reduce heat transfer, and freezer-style rubber gaskets for efficient lid closure, are closely related to the more precise cooling performance. is the time to use the stone.

It’s not like regular coolers, keeping 1 day cool is also tough and there’s a strong selection in this regard that will last up to 10 days or more with ice retention.

4. Material 

Focusing on the most popular design, the box-type coolers, for the most part, have similar box, lid, and handle shapes. But, a closer look reveals that the models of the brands are indeed different. 

Consumers always want a sturdy product that can withstand strong impacts and still keep their food and drinks cold. The required durability is provided by a combination of tough outer skin and sides and bottom filled with insulation. Raise a potential cooler and if the sides feel hollow or have very little insulation, don’t buy it. If the lid is well insulated, it will be visible when tapped on.

5. Portability

Manufacturers of hard-sided coolers are now starting to add wheels to them. This makes it possible for long-distance travelers to carry these large, heavy coolers and move them safely and easily. Choose soft coolers with padded shoulder straps or backpack-like accessories for easier carrying.

Should Ice Packs Be Placed on the Cooler’s Top or Bottom?

Ice packs may be placed on a cooler’s bottom and sides to offer all-around cooling for your food and drinks. Adding ice packs to the top of your cooler, if there is room, is obviously helpful, but the sides and bottom should take precedence.

Can a 20-quart cooler store enough food and drink for a day trip?

The number of individuals taking the day excursion, as well as their tastes in food and beverages, have a big impact on the response to this question. In addition to various food items, a 20-quart cooler can contain around 20 cans of beverages.

A 20-liter cooler may be plenty to contain all of the food and beverages needed for the day for one or two individuals on a day excursion. A 20-quart cooler might not have enough room for the entire day’s worth of food and beverages, though, if the outing is for a bigger number of people.

If so, you might need to carry more coolers or pack certain products that don’t need to be refrigerated. When choosing the size of the cooler needed for a day excursion, it is usually a good idea to make an advance plan, taking into account the number of people, and their food and drink preferences.


1. What capacity does a 20-quart cooler have?

Although some manufacturers design coolers that can hold up to 22 cans, all 20-gallon coolers will be able to hold at least 18 cans. However, it’s important to note that if you stuff 22 cans into your 20-gallon cooler, there’s no room for ice or anything else.

2. Which 20-quart coolers are most commonly used?

20-quart coolers are now very popular and diverse in models. And on the market, there are also many different brands: Rtic, Igloo, Coleman, Canyon, YETI,…

3. Is 20-quart cooler enough for a trip?

Any 20 liter cooler should easily withstand weekend getaways or camping activities although this can vary from brand to brand. However a 40 liter cooler is highly recommended if you and your loved one will be camping for up to a week or more.

4. Do Igloo BMX Ice Retention Coolers work with hot food? 

Not for hot food in my opinion as the insulation is not great

5. How long does an Igloo Quart MaxCold Cooler take for ice to cool?

For about 3–4 days of hassle-free camping in areas with high temperatures. However, we can start with everything cold or frozen, and replace frozen water bottles with ice cubes. As much as possible, cover the cooler with a mat.

6. Is the top of the Coleman Xtreme Portable Cooler sturdy enough to support a person sitting on it without denting?

It is very sturdy, you can sit or stand on it without any problem if you are under 100kg

7. Is the usage of dry ice in EchoSmile Quart Rotomolded Cooler permitted?

Of course, dry ice is usable and suitable for coolers

8. How many cans of beer can be stored in a 20-quart cooler?

You’ll have plenty of room for drinks in the original 20-quart cooler. Whether you have standard cans or taller, thinner cans, this cooler is big enough to hold 15 cans of beer or soft drinks.

9. Are all Stanley Adventure Leakproof Outdoor parts made of plastic?

Of course, but the plastic is quite thick and comes with a lifetime warranty. It deserves to be added to cart.

10. Does the RTIC 20 have a metal handle for easy portability?

Yes, it does exist; but the life of the foam clamp is questionable; because it is easy to tear. You should be fine as long as you lift the handle straight up, but if you frequently lift from the side, the handle can occasionally slip off the face of the cooler.

11. Will the Pelican Elite Quart Cooler be toppled easily?

Not at all, because if you put it in a flat terrain, it has four rubber-lined corners and for its weight, it will never tip over unless there is a force on it.

12. If I put dry ice in a 20-quart cooler, how much dry ice should I put in?

One 10″ square dry ice should be used for every 15″ length of the cooler, as a standard rule of thumb.

13. What amount of ice should you put in a 20-quart cooler?

It is important to make sure your cooler has enough ice. You should use a ratio of ice to content 2:1. This means that if you fill the cooler, only one-third of the capacity can be used to store food and beverages that need to be refrigerated, and the other two-thirds must be filled with ice. It lasts longer if you use more ice.


Wouldn’t your trip be more wonderful if you had a companion with a cooler? The 20 quart coolers will keep your food and drinks at a safe and cold storage temperature. Above we have listed the best chillers according to the purpose of each type of customer.

So choosing the best 20-quart coolers for yourself also depends on many factors such as style, size, function and other accessories. But don’t worry because this article will probably answer all your questions. Thanks for reading!

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